Sunday, February 21, 2010

A cold day here in northern B.C. today.  I've been outside and shovelled some of the frozen veggies that the deer haven't got to yet.  It all becomes one solid mass overnight and actually in a few moments when the temperatures are down so low.   The deer were waiting for me of course... and I love seeing them come running across the field to get to the corn I have in the container. 

We've been busy watching the Olympic games and its been very exciting.  I love the bobsled ... or bob sleigh I saw them refer to it yesterday.   I went online to see how much one cost ... !!!!!!!!!!    two man $150,000 and those funny weird little flat contraptions they jump onto in the skeleton races ... which are run in the luge and bobsled area...  are worth $7,000.  They look like nothing more than a flat bit of metal with two pieces to rest your feet on and they have pipes on the bottom instead of blades.   Yikes...!!!   And I found out that several of the competitors are already millionaires. A young snowboarder in particular from the USA.

The time is going quickly and it won't be long before they have the closing ceremony .... where do these weeks and months go to so fast.  I can't keep up.   Getting older by the moment.  *(s)

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