Saturday, February 6, 2010

gosh big storm across the eastern USA. Looks more like Canada ... :-) Space shuttle launches tomorrow early morning. I don't know that I'll be awake to see that one. I've always watched them since I came to Canada and we see the coverage of it all. I notice today as well that Obama again is on the "campaign trail" spouting more stuff about the economy and frankly just bloviating as usual. Heavens above I do not like that man. He seems to toss everyone under the proverbial bus when stuff goes wrong and doesn't seem to take responsibility for instigating things... unless the outcome is one he desires.
I went for a walk this afternoon over to our library in town and was surprised to see so many cars about. The senior citizens place must have had some "do" there because that was packed... and the ice skating rink was holding skating trials for hockey teams... vehicles everywhere and lots of slushy and mushy snow. Our friend in Vancouver sent us a photo today taken from his window of the guy next door mowing his lawn. Good golly miss molly.. that's unheard of at this
time of year. And the caribou we saw yesterday must have their clocks messed up as well to be down this low from the mountains. The flowers in the park won't be too far away from blooming if this mild weather keeps up. Not good for the winter Olympics... *(s)

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