Friday, February 19, 2010

I don't think Tiger's speech today did anything to change my mind about him.  It was a miss mash of other things unrelated to the disgrace and despair he's caused his family, his friends and his company.  Standing there saying he was sorry ....  it all was so contrived and staged.  Looking up at the camera at crucial moments, then the obligatory hug of his mother sitting in the front row... at the end of the speech.  No questions asked by anyone.   He mentioned that he didn't think it was fair that the press had targeted his children and wife ... well he sure should have thought about that and its implications when he was doing what he was doing with anything that breathed.  Cheating once with one woman ... maybe... maybe.... I could forgive him ... but no forgiveness for doing it with the nearly twenty mistresses.  What a scumbag.  His little child is only two years old .. and he was cheating well before and during the birth of that one.  

The whole country came to a standstill to watch his speech... they had all stations on standby to break into regular programming.  Unbelievable.  What gets me is that these people can't stand up and make a speech from their heart without it being scripted and pre planned.  How difficult is it to be there and simply say I'm so sorry to everyone involved.  I simply don't believe the sex addiction thing is even reality.  One moment he spoke of his addiction then next he said his money and lifestyle afforded him the opportunities.  Did he mean then that if he didn't have the money that he wouldn't have the addiction.   Hog wash!!!!!!   Oh well....  I can't see a happy ending for the marriage. She's been too hurt for too long and what wife would go to see if her husband was okay after the car crash carrying a golf club ... so she could bash in the back window when he's sitting in the front.  He denied she was attacking him.   Who is he kidding....

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