Monday, February 8, 2010

I made some yummy banana muffins today... haven't done that in ages.  We were given heaps of lovely bananas so I blended about 5, with some orange juice, some eggs, whole wheat flour, vanilla, and added lots of chopped up almonds, cinnamon and some allbran.  All very healthy. No sugar, no milk.....  yummy! 
There's nothing nicer than a hot cup of tea whilst you watch  your telly and having a delicious muffin on the plate beside you.  *(s).....

Superbowl over with for another year.... space shuttle got off finally after yesterday's delayed launch,  Tiger Woods wife supposedly coming back to him ... (why oh why oh why)  ... is anyone's guess.  It certainly wouldn't be for the money.  Hasn't she been humiliated enough.   Michael Jackson's doctor has finally been charged with a crime over his death.  Jennifer Aniston had a birthday celebration and told Brad Pitt she doesn't want him back ....  can't really believe that..... but who knows.  Celebrities seem to swap partners at the drop of a hat.  Well time for me to take a short nap. Got up early and went over to the supermarket and got more food for our deers...  sweet little things gobbled the last lot up in one day.  There were about 22 piles of food out on the ice and snow for them.  

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