Friday, February 12, 2010

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INDIANAPOLIS — Hoosier lottery players have been digging through their trash, scouring their cars and bringing fistfuls of old tickets, some in shoeboxes, to an Indianapolis store, hoping they would find the winning — but unclaimed — $2.5 million jackpot ticket.
But time ran out Friday as the 5 p.m. deadline for cashing in the winning Hoosier Lotto ticket came and went with no one coming forward.

Oh dear isn't this awful.  Makes you wonder what could happen for someone not to claim a lottery ticket.  Lost it, maybe its still in their house, maybe in a handbag that was stolen or put on the roof of a car and then you drive away leaving it to fall, maybe the buyer of the ticket died, maybe it was in the pocket of a coat taken to the cleaners.  The possibilites are endless when you think about them.  Did the dog chew it up, did the kids rip it to pieces or just toss it away.  Maybe the ticket owner forgot he bought it.  Was it in a house fire and zizzled to pieces, did someone buy it for someone else's birthday ... and the recipient thought what the heck I never win anything and tossed it or just plain forgot about it.   Maybe it was in a car accident and the vehicle got totalled and then wrecked in the wreckers yard.  LOL ......  was it dropped behind a cupboard or fell off the top of the fridge.  I'd never find it if that happened.  Gosh one could write a book about the events leading up to the "non existent" lottery ticket and why nobody claimed the money.  How sad ... especially in these times of economic crisis for so many ....................

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