Friday, February 5, 2010

Such a sweet little bird image with a pretty pink rose. I like this one a lot. I'm certainly into birds, and birdhouses, and am looking forward to the warmer weather so I can sit out on my deck on the swing seat and enjoy a nice cup of tea and watch the birds coming for food. I hope the hummingbirds return this year. They are quite wonderful to watch and don't seem scared one bit about landing on your shoulder.
Weird news again today.... a little girl aged 11 gave birth to a baby girl ... she's but a baby herself .... ten when she got pregnant. Then there was an earthquake up off the northern Californian area. That's not all that far from us up on the edge of British Columbia. We had a small one a while back ...
And of course old Tiger Woods.. in deeper trouble it seems ... another mistress (ex porn star) claims he said he loved her. What a creep he is .... Had everything in the world ... beautiful wife, children, money, mansions, and celebrity... now he's nothing more than a dirty old man and a real bad guy. Oh well!!!! just proves that all that money can't bring you happiness.

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