Thursday, February 11, 2010

Valentine's Day this weekend... It was the day I arrived in Canada from Australia eleven years ago.  I had left Oz on Valentines Day ... with my dog Wilbur and my suitcases which contained some clothes, my quilts, old photographs, and some treasures I couldn't live without which included my lovely silver sugar bowl.  I'm still surprised that it made it through customs ...  (big round metal object) .... through the scanners or whatever.   I have asked my Brian to not spend money on a pretty card or gift but instead get me some sunflower seeds for the squirrel and birds.  

 I bet there are millions and millions of flowers being purchased this year even with a recession flowers still seem to be the appropriate gift.   Maybe some diamond rings or bracelets from wealthy lovers ... !!!!!   Or some lucky girls might even get a new car or a holiday to paradise. Who knows.   But I think most of us will get little hand written cards made by children and grand children....  which of course means more than any expensive gift.

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