Thursday, February 25, 2010

Well done Canadian ladies hockey team... gold medal... against the USA girls.  It was such a good game, fast and furious.  They were all so "bulked" up with padding and whatever it was even difficult to see who was under all that stuff.   Only a few more days left of the Olympic games.... wow!!! has that gone fast. 

Still feeding our deer... lots more produce from the supermarket today...  cutting it up, carting it out there in bucket loads .. its quite a process ....  and this afternoon I was wishing I had a wonderful fancy digital camera with a super duper telescopic lens on it because there was a deer looking up at the woodpecker in the tree and the squirrel close by ... I could have got all three of them in a gorgeous photo.  Oh well... I'll keep buying those lottery tickets and if I win ... a new camera will be first on my list. 

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