Friday, February 12, 2010

What a spectacular opening ceremony of the winter Olympics. Gosh if you missed it try and see it .....  I'm still amazed at how they did everything.  Stunning whales swimming through the floor  *(s) ....... a huge big white bear .... It was like the movie Avatar.  Things coming and going in all directions and you didn't even realize what was happening.  A touching one minute silence for the death of one of the competitors earlier today.... seeing the teams come into the stadium.... I watched for my Aussies....  loved every countries outfits and it was all so majestic and winter like.  It was like we were all sitting on the top of a mountain looking down on the snow and the sky.  Beautiful.    Now on with the games ...  I'm ready for the bobsled... I love that one..... Good luck Aussies... and now good luck Canadians.   *(s)

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