Thursday, March 4, 2010

Annoying and quite unbelievable news today about the Taliban. A former Gitmo prisoner was released back to Afghanistan ... now he's a commander in the Taliban.   How ridiculous is that!!!  Why are soldiers dying fighting these guys, and capturing the baddies, only to have them released back into their country and have them fight them all over again.  Why are the soldiers dying in this war .... when the USA doesn't seem to do anything to those terrorists because they are too worried about "their rights".  The fiasco about the 9.11 terrorists being trialled in New York is one example of bad judgement... in the same light as what I heard today.  They do not deserve to be tried as anything other than war criminals and therefore a military trial is what they should get. 

Why do these bad guys get American rights and get access to legal representatives.  I would be so distressed had my son or daughter died in the war ...  only to have the bad guys released again to kill more soldiers.  I don't understand it at all.  The other day I heard that the soldiers are not allowed to fire on the bad guys if they put their guns down. The bad guys can shoot to kill them .. walk out of a building for example and put their guns down knowing they will not be killed by the people they were trying to kill.  The bad guys now know the American rules of engagement and any questionning techniques they do ....  they are learning how to overcome these obstacles and continue on with the killing spree............

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