Thursday, March 11, 2010

Did you notice I'm giving Obama a rest lately...  I've given up talking about him...(well almost...)  He makes me feel how this sweet doggie looks... disgusted and annoyed and really goofy.... urgh!!

Each day I hear more grumbles and groans about his policies, his choice of staff members...  resignations, deceit,
corruption, spending money like there is no tomorrow even though he hasn't got any ... well the country hasn't got any... he's probably got millions seeing he came from a home that had 6 bathrooms.  

There are so many scandals happening lately, backbiting, in house arguments, false statements, payments for favours ... and on and on it goes.   His popularity is plummeting and so is the plight of the beautiful USA.  All he wants to talk about at present is Health Care .. when the country is going down the proverbial gurglar with record unemployment, housing closures, and so much more.  They have to stop spending .... so much "pork barrel" which seems a weird term to me... but yesterday on the news I heard about $75,000 in one place spent on a so called study by giving cocaine to monkeys. How cruel is that.  And who in their right mind would do that to an animal just to study its behaviour when they could go to any town and see thousands of people already "stoned" .. and study them instead.  They would willingly take the cocaine ...

Then there's the Tea Pot Museum fiasco....  I love teapots but nearly a million dollars in taxpayer money ... just so tourists can look at them.  Where are the priorities ... disabled people being denied wheelchair access ...because of under funding ... where are the jobs being created by the so called stimulus...  such a shame .......  boo to Obama.  Stop going on the telly every other day ... even the Supreme Court judges are up in arms calling his State of the Union address nothing more than a pep rally... as all his speeches seem to be. He sure does love being on the telly ...........................

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