Saturday, March 20, 2010

First day of spring today... wow.!!  We had a lovely bike ride yesterday afternoon in the sunshine ... and our deer came for a visit to see what was on the menu.  Cracked corn and apples seemed to make them happy. They are absolutely gorgeous and stand so close to me ... big, black shiny eyes looking at me.  I guess now that Spring has sprung I should concentrate a bit more on trying to lose weight.  My insulin seems to be playing havoc with my old body... darn stuff... but at least its keeping me alive.  I'll try and get in some more walking on my treadmill or outside and extra bike rides as well.  Soon I guess I'll also be mowing the lawn and painting our deck ...... winter sure does wreck paintwork...... all that shovelling and me walking on it with spikes on my boots so I don't slip over.  And the bitter cold for many months .. gosh I'm surprised anything survives. 

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