Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Gosh I heard on the news today that Iowa wanted to obliterate Happy Easter from their celebrations... and say Happy Spring instead.  Then there's the poor man who's son died in Iraq and protesters heckled him and his family at the son's funeral. Now he has to pay their legal fees. What the !!!!!!!!!!!   Has the legal system in the USA gone completely mad.   And now Obama has done a complete turn around and agreed to oil drilling off the east coast and  southern coast after he said no in  his election speeches... saying John McCain and George's Bush's recommendations were not going to happen on his watch. 

And more suicide bomber attacks in Russia. Terrible things they are ....  floods in areas of the USA. 

A weird thing for us yesterday here in our little country town in British Columbia is that our main drug store is closing.  I went there nearly every day.. it has nice gifts and food items and all sorts of great stuff. They are however putting most things for sale at 50% off so that's a good deal.  We got some Easter treats for the grands and some food items and today we're going back to see what else they might have on sale.  Sad for the town .... I'm hoping a new pharmacy will take its place or a better store but who knows in these economic times.   It might stay vacant like so many other stores around here.......

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