Monday, March 29, 2010

I felt sad .. and have done for a long time... about the beautiful white dog two doors down from us.  He seems to be so lonely out on the back deck day and night .. all throughout the long winter months tied up and looking miserable and alone.  Well today I put on my boots, my coat and my gloves and went knocking on the door to ask if I could possibly take him for a walk.  They agreed and off we went. He is much like a husky .. with fur so thick and wonderful.  Up and over the hills, around the road throughout the town, even in some snow that had decided to greet us as we were returning.  He had a wonderful time.  I had a pocketful of treats for him and we stopped many times for cuddles and a smooch or two....  He was a pure gentleman walking at my pace and enjoying his chance to pee on everything that was standing still.    We had a great time....  It was about 4 miles so we'll both sleep good tonight and I won't feel so sad for him .... I'm glad I could brighten his day ...... he sure brightened mine.  Thank you Dozer...  *(s)  we had fun together. 

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