Tuesday, March 2, 2010

It feels like spring has sprung .. but of course not yet.. we still have huge piles of snow and ice around.

I downloaded a program today onto the computer and it stuffed up my zip files throughout the harddrive .. so it got me to thinking why don't we ever get a "how to" book when we buy these expensive things.  You can buy a $20 toaster and get instructions with it... so why does nothing ever come with a new computer.

What about those who purchase one and its their first computer. One would think we'd get at least a help guide on what you need to do to open an email account, or create folders or just the basic stuff to get you going.  Some good explanations of what lies ahead for us ...  information about virus programs being a necessity..... or what about surfing the net.  Nobody knows all these easy tasks straight away ... we all have to begin somewhere and what about elderly people who don't have younger ones to assist them.  With all the money these computer people make ... a simple guide book with instructions for basic stuff should be a necessity. Even if they charged us a few dollars extra it certainly would be helpful.  Argh!!!!!  I might write to Microsoft about it.  I can't understand why nothing is ever included in our computer purchase.

I can remember only too well being a newbie to computers way back in the middle nineties ... and not knowing how to make a folder let alone where to put it and remember where it was.  So much to know... with no help from the big wigs who make these goodies we all use on a daily basis.

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