Tuesday, March 9, 2010

My grand dog came for a short visit today before he was due to go to the vet's surgery.  He's such a darling...  He's so big and so gentle.  We got to the surgery and things went a bit haywire. He wouldn't let the doctor feel around his legs or feet ... he had to have a muzzle put on ... grandma was there... (me) ... handing out little treats of bacon and beef I'd got from our fridge.  He was absolutely terrified.   He's been having trouble with his front leg .... maybe arthritis although he's only 7. 

 Anyway we got home safely again in his mum's truck and old grandma got the first full size pill into him by wrapping it in some bacon I'd cooked this morning.  The rest of his pills have to be halved so he's coming down for a short stay with grandma so she can spoil him because the doctor said the pills might upset his stomach ....  oh well... isn't that what grandmas' are for....  *(s)....   We'll snuggle on the bed and eat muffins and watch Sherlock Holmes.

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