Tuesday, March 30, 2010

On our news for most of the years I've been here I continually see little girls and boys being abducted, and inevitably murdered in the United States.  It seems to be getting way worse.  It's no longer safe for them to walk home from school no matter how short a distance the school might be.  One little girl was walking with friends, had a bit of a tiff with the group and lagged behind.  A child molester (and predator) lured her into his home which she passed every single day ....  she was found murdered by him later. 

Others are being taken from malls, or even their bedrooms.  I heard a statistic which horrified me. In one city alone ... not even a big city... there were 38,000 registered pedophiles and 4,000 of them in a 5 square mile area. What hope have these little ones got.    Daily shows like Nancy Grace spotlight the tragedies and inform us of what's happening but is anyone doing anything at all to stop this stuff going on so much.   Warning signs have been ignored by authorities, parents are not looking after their children enough ... I don't know the answer to it all.... one thing I do know is that we certainly don't need to sell stuff like Viagra. It puts even more kids in danger from the sexed crazed maniacs.  And there seems to be an increase too in teenagers and older girls being murdered.... every single day someone else dies ............ awful.

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