Saturday, March 6, 2010

Our little deer came yesterday.. Just a mom and her twins from last year.  I was actually surprised to see them because the weather has been so mild and the snow is melting so quickly. There are lots of grassy areas beneath trees and I guess buds will be forming soon.  They do love the fruit we put out for them so I guess the big pile of blueberries was too much for them to resist.  I miss their sweet faces over the summer months and eagerly look forward to November again when they turn up again ready to get the goodies.  I would like to be able to follow them one day on their walks and see where they go and what they do.  I bet they get lots of yummy stuff  from other people in town as we are always talking to people buying seeds and food ... the birds too will soon be disappearing so they can get their natural food again ........

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