Saturday, March 20, 2010

These blokes need to get their act together. Tiger Woods .. what a creep treating his family like he did. And now it's John Edwards. At the time he was a Presidential candidate he was cheating on his wife and making a baby with his mistress. I don't know what his wife Elizabeth is like but she has cancer and to put her through that and what's going on now with him .. must be unbearable for her. The hurt and humilation of the public outbursts by his girlfriend....the sneakiness, the lies, betrayal, awful stuff for anyone to cope with when they are well ... but its horrible now moreso than ever. Then there's Sandra Bullock's husband... while she's making the movie that gave her the Oscar he's sleeping around with someone else. Gosh these guys are so creepy .... I'd put them all out with the trash.

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