Thursday, March 11, 2010

This spring cleaning sure knocks you around...  I think its tougher than having to go to work and put in a full days employment. Moving furniture, boxes, tossing stuff out, re-arranging closets and containers,
dusting, washing floors, vacuuming, and more. Only good thing about it is that you find things you forgot about or could never get to before.  When your house is small its an effort just to find what you are looking for ... then there's all the Christmas and Fall decorations, big snowmen and wrapping paper and on and on it goes.

At least I'll now be able to venture into the spare room and find what I'm after ....  *(s).... and I'm certainly going to keep buying lottery tickets so I can get a house with an attic or basement.  Oh!!! how I would love that.  

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