Sunday, March 28, 2010

You can download the pretty girl pink
 template in paintshop pro format
at 4 shared ... here....

It's much larger in original size .. (click on it to see it original size.... ) you could use it for stationery, desktops, all sorts of ways.  It's not for commerical use however... personal only.

We have a windy day here today in the woods... I think all  the bears would be out of hibernation now looking for food, the snow is melting, and the birds are scarce since now is the time for them to eat real bird food like bugs etc.  I nearly got blown off my bicycle yesterday it was so windy too.   I'm not a fan of the windy days....  or nights....  I can always hear the trees blowing and things in our shed and the neighbours property getting engulfed in gusts.   It's nice when it all calms down and I can sit out on the deck and just watch the grass grow.  *(s)

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