Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Celebrity gossip.... Tiger Woods wife has gone off on a vacation all alone... can anyone blame her.  But like Jim Carey said the other day surely how could she not know of so much cheating in her marriage. His latest cheating affair was with his neighbours daughter. She's 22 now but gosh doesn't this guy ever take a break.  Then there's Sandra Bullock and her monster of a husband. How could a pretty, assumingly clever and talented and knowledgeable girl even hook up with a character like him in the first place.   He is the complete opposite of someone we'd expect her to marry.   ~~~~  Marilyn Monroe... her friend Debbie Reynolds just announced that she was murdered way back when .. because she knew too much.  About the  President of the United States JFK.  How sad.  She was very religious according to Debbie.  And Oprah seems to have kicked Stedmen to the curb in favour of the girlfriend Gayle whom she gave a million dollars to years ago.  I guess she's given her many more millions by now.  

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