Thursday, April 8, 2010

Did you notice I changed the name of my blog to Jana's Journal instead of A Whimsydust Affair. It seems some of you are confusing the website with the blog.  It was always called Jana's Journal in its address  so I might as well be using that name ..... hopefully that will help you know where you are .. *(s)....

And I'm never quite sure if my blog should just be a spot where I share the goodies I make for you all.... much like most blogs seem to be these days ..... or whether I should continue on as a gossipy sort of place like Twitter only where it allows me more space to talk about my days here in the woods or what I think of politics, celebrities etc.    I like the gossipy format like I do now ....  but who knows in the future I might alter its format or make up another blog where you can just snag and save ....  I'll keep you posted on that .... Or maybe it's perfect as it is now ... a bit of both.

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