Thursday, April 15, 2010

I had a busy day today talking to people.   *(s).....   Usually we just get on our bikes and go over to the library or the post office and home again pretty quick smart but this morning we spoke to the man who lives down the road a bit ... he was talking to a nice lady who owns a beautiful big white dog.  Then there was the guy next door who gave me his bird feeder to add to my stash.  Over at the supermarket we had a chat with the guy who manages the fruit and veggie section...and at the library I asked if there was another online book I'd ordered ....   then we ran into our kids and grandson in the carpark at the market so we chatted with them.  They also came over later to use our printer and grandson had a cupcake whilst he was here. Went to the credit union and the lady was talking to me about the weather... then a man outside the shop where we get our bread pulled up to the kerb in a shiny blue truck.  I said to him as he was walking in the door what a nice clean truck he had and he told me it was brand spanking new.  Only been in town a couple of days and that his son owned the car yard he got it from .. one of the biggest in Canada.  Then I checked in next door to see if the baby bunnies had survived the cold night.... which they had.... kids and neighbours in the yard enjoying the sunshine......    So all in all it was an eventful day.  I don't think I've spoken to so many people before in one day.... 

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