Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Last night I watched a really wonderful Disney movie called "Up".   I wanted to see it from the first time I noticed the preview on the telly and there was a dog in it that could talk. He would turn his head quickly to one side and say "squirrel"..... as if he was ready to chase it.   Grand daughter Hannah loaned it to me yesterday and I adored it.  It's one of those animated ones that are so wonderful, full of colour, funny sayings, laughter, drama and a bit of everything all rolled into one.  Like the Garfield movies....    The story began with a young boy meeting a young girl.  Funny little faces with big glasses, they grew up and married and then grew old together until she died and he was left alone. She had always wanted an adventure ... so he got thinking about it now that he was by himself and  tied his little wobbly house to a whole bunch of balloons and UP it went.  Her photos were inside the house and he wanted to be with her. A little boy scout was on the porch at the time so he unexpectedly went too.  The house floated around and once in a storm it was taken to "Paradise Falls" ............   If  you want some laughter and pure enjoyment grab it from the video store and see it.   I was enthralled by the colours, the designs of the funny little houses, the great furniture and the beautiful big bird that joins them on their travels and of course the dog.   *(s)

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