Sunday, April 4, 2010

Roast beef is in the oven, chocolates have been hidden, dessert is made and all is "afoot" for our Easter Sunday evening meal.  Went for a lovely bike ride this morning, bit chilly but invigorating.....  had to use up some of those calories I ate having a chocolate egg.  I wish I could lose weight by being at my computer.  All the hours I spend sitting here with fingers flying across the keyboard and in paintshop pro I sure would be skinny if those hours counted in calorie reduction.   I just spent a couple of hours fiddling with my blog and my website to make them match ... I think they look pretty in pink for Spring and Summer.   I'm certainly into pink.... maybe its because my mum never bought me anything pink to wear as a little girl. Maybe she didn't like it herself so I went without.  I really love all the pretty girly things in the stores.

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