Friday, April 9, 2010

Seems hope is fading of finding any miners alive in West Virginia. Rescuers had to once again turn back because of the dangerous conditions.  So sad.     A cheery little visitor for us last night ... my sweet young deer arrived again which is really strange because they should be way up in the mountains by now. The snow will have lessened up there (well a bit at least)... but we did have a slight snow fall in the afternoon so maybe she is confused and still thinks its winter or maybe its just the thought of the yummy cracked corn I take to her when I see her....  she's a stunning little girl deer ..... just gorgeous... and she lets me get quite close to her.   I've also been bike riding yesterday... I can zoom around like a teenager ... well not quite when it comes to getting down off footpaths. I still have to stop my bike and get down onto the road rather than just fly over it like you see the kids doing.  But I sure can get around pretty fast.  I wish it was making me skinnier but so far nothing seems to have changed.  I'll just have to keep pedalling .....  lol..........

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