Saturday, April 24, 2010

Shopping sure does make my feet ache ... trying on stuff as well is a real pain. I hate having to do that.  Wasn't successful in getting a new bra. In fact I don't know any woman who is really, really happy and comfortable in their bras.  Saw some wildlife on our hour trip up north (if we kept on going we would end up in Alaska... ) ...  I remember when I arrived in Canada and we went to the bottom of Alaska I saw a huge sign made from tree trunks which said "North to Alaska".... just like in the movies.    I couldn't find what I wanted in any of the stores so I came home empty handed.  I did get a free $10 voucher for Tim Horton's donut place so we went in there and I came away with a dozen banana pecan muffins which I've frozen and will cut into quarters and just have a small piece of those when the munchies get hold of me.   But it was nice to get out of our town for a while, see more people, ooh and argh!!! over the pretty things I could not afford, and get home again to put my old feet up.   I'm just not used to shopping anymore...  :-)  I felt just like this cute little dude in the photo when I got home.

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