Tuesday, May 25, 2010

I hate B.P.  (British Petroleum).   The oil spill is still spewing thousands of gallons into the ocean and its been over a month.  Why are these oil companies allowed to build oil platforms and drill when they have no back up plan for a disaster.   They and the US government are still doing nothing.  Nobody seems to know what to do. They are still trying to decide who should be in control.   In the meantime .......disaster........  for the wildlife and for the ocean and the land.  I can't bear to think of what its doing to everything in its path.   All I can do is pray that someone soon will come up with a plan to stop it.   And the guy in charge at B.P. .... he's a right moron.   At first he even said it wasn't a big spill .... 45,000 square miles isn't a big spill.......  what planet is he from.   He's lied about so many things.    Now yesterday they say it could be August before it can be halted. Everything in its path is dying. 

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