Friday, May 28, 2010

Sun was out today.. and not so cold so we ventured down to the plant nursery.  Came home with a gorgeous hanging basket of white flowers ... it looks like a big ball and in between in various places are just one little pink petunia and something else pink that I'm not sure of it's name.  We got various coloured  petunias as well  to plant in some other containers, zinnias, lobelias and some geraniums so I've been busy with new soil, fertilizer, watering can and weeding the garden.  Now I'm all set to watch them grow and bloom.   I love sitting on my deck reading books or magazines and just watching the  "grass grow" and sipping something cool in the summer heat.   I'll take some photos for you all when they start blooming. 
I just noticed that the bees are already around them. Poor things they must not have an easy task when the flowers are so scarce.  And the hummingbirds too will be fluttering by.

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