Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Wow ... I woke up this morning... May 5th .... to find it snowing like it was never going to end.  And the flakes were absolutely huge.  You can click on the image and see it full size and just how big the snow actually was.  I stood at the window ... opened and took the photo of our little back yard.

The furniture on the deck had all been moved to the side of the house because its been very windy lately.  If you look closely in between the rails of the deck you will just see our new bird bath we put on the grass yesterday.   I went outside to put seed in the feeders and the bath was surrounded by a beautiful ring of "sugary flakes".... the water was still in the middle but it looked so much like one of  those drinks  you get at the bar with the sugar around the edge of the glass..

So pretty.  But oh so weird at this time of the year.  The little birds didn't seem to mind because they were still chirping away..... I guess the Spring sun will come out later this morning or afternoon and it will all be gone again.

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