Thursday, June 10, 2010

Another day of the oil spill... day 52 I think it is now.  Why aren't they doing more about this.  BP are now buying names or words or whatever you do from Google and other search engines so that when someone goes to look for information about their neglect regarding the oil spill ... it directs you to their promotional BP homepage.  So you don't get to read the truth about what's going on.  Shrimpers, oystermen, seafood businesses, out-of-work drilling crews and the tourism industry who have filed damage claims with BP also are angrily complaining of delays, excessive paperwork and skimpy payments that have put them on the verge of going under as the financial and environmental toll of the seven-week-old disaster grows.  BP is not helping these people whose restaurants are closing, business going down the gurglar.     Obama still has not had a face to face meeting with the CEO of BP ...  Why not!!!!  He had a "beer summit" on the Whitehouse lawn when a policeman arrested a professor friend of his.  Isn't this more important than that.?  He's let the country down immensely on this.  More than 3 weeks passed before he even made a move regarding the oil spill. They knew what was coming.  Did nothing.  Still doing nothing..... and BP seems to be ruling the USA at this time telling them who can do what, when and where.  They can't even talk to the press.  Now talk of BP maybe even going bankrupt.  Then who continues with the clean up and trying to plug the hole.... urgh!!! It's a comedy of errors !

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