Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Another failure with the oil spill.  Will it ever end.  Latest effort to saw through some part of whatever it is down there that has gone wrong ... failed... the saw got stuck.   As the hurricane season approaches one can only imagine the devastation if the oil and water gets tangled up in winds that will twist and turn it in all directions.  As they said on the news this morning the sticky mess will land on animals, people, buildings, cars, whatever is in its path if a hurricane happens and they usually do.    I can't bear to look at the news anymore. I've cried so much about what is happening as the world's largest oil spill disaster doesn't look like it will ever end.  Why are these companies ever allowed to create these oil rigs and pipelines with no back up plan if something goes wrong.  The pipe is two feet wide ... surely they could put stop lids or whatever throughout the system in case of failure.  Much like they do in submarines when one compartment gets filled they shut the doors.  BP made 218 billion dollars last year.  What cost to them ... would compartments be. I'm so saddened for the wildlife. They are dying every single day from this man made monstrosity.

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