Thursday, June 17, 2010

Appalling mess in the Gulf.  Oil still gushing at horrendous amounts. Obama has done too little too late.  I cannot believe it took him 6 weeks or more before he actually got on the phone to talk to BP officials to see what they were doing about containment.   Wildlife is dying and suffering. I hope they soon get something happening where they can euthanise these poor creatures quickly.  They die from the stress of cleaning and confinement. God Bless them... help them not to suffer.   I'm heartbroken for everything and everyone concerned.  

One thing that struck me as very ironic yesterday was the fact that Obama continually during his election campaign and afterwards said horrible words about Sarah Palin having no experience ... yet she.. of all the USA Governors is the only one who has dealt with an oil spill in Alaska when she was Governor.  She knows the oil companies.. she knows what they do and say .  Obama himself however was just a community organiser .. he has no experience whatsoever in running anything.  Yet here he is now running the country with his side kicks ... who are like little clones of himself ........  they know nothing either.  Even the Brits are sick of him now.  He didn't even know that the DVD's he gave the Prime Minister wouldn't work in England.
A very unthoughtful and poorly planned gift.   All  I want is for him to get his act together and start doing what a President does... The press is having a field day with all of this.  He's probably the least experienced President in the history of the USA and isn't it weird that you obviously don't need any qualifications to be President other than having plenty of money to get you elected.    Urgh!!!!!!!!!!    

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