Friday, June 25, 2010

Aren't these two a couple of cuties... At first I thought the red faced one had paint all over him ..
click to see the photo full size.. He's stunning ...
I think he's the only cat I've seen with a coloured face like that. And there's a tiny bit of red on his back foot as well.   He's gorgeous.
So many weird and interesting things in the news lately. One year anniversary of the death of Michael Jackson today... hasn't that come around quickly. Then the illegal immigration debacle down in Arizona .. I can't even understand how the rest of the USA can be against one of its own States just because they want to stop illegals from crossing over. It's getting really bad down there. Now California wants to boycott its neighbouring state. Why!!!! People are getting killed .. the police have been told to carry their guns now at all times even when not on duty because of death threats.

Kevin Costner still doesn't seem to have the attention of whoever is now in control of the gulf oil spill.... he's going to be on Huckebee show this weekend .. let's hope someone listens to him. Nobody else seems to be doing hardly a thing to clean up the oil. And every time I see news footage of whats "being cleaned up" .. it always seems to be a lot of people walking along a beach picking up tiny specs of oil and putting them into tiny little bags. Why don't we see the horrible length and depth of these spills ...they are feet deep and much worse than what is being shown on telly.

Then there's the school that wants to give condoms to 7 year olds ..... can you imagine even explaining to these little guys what they are for. Another worry .... At least 11 of the 17 members of the Afghan military who went AWOL from an Air Force base in Texas and are considered deserters by their nation have turned up in the exact place you'd expect to find them in the year 2010. They're on Facebook. They were learning how to speak English and fly planes (!!!!!!!!!!!!) one has to wonder why the USA would even be doing this .... they went missing with top security access to military places .... (who let the dogs out) as they say. Good heavens what a mess that is. Sounds so ridiculous after the events of 9.11

And Australia has its first woman prime minister. Good for her .....

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