Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Darn hair colour. I hate it when they don't come out like the colour on the box.  I jumped back into the shower this morning and did a few more washes of it so it would lighten a bit but it's disappointing when you at last find a colour and product you like... only to have the only place in town... (the drug store) ... close up shop and you are left with nowhere else to get one.  I think on my next big long trip to the next town north of us I'll have to get a few of them.  

Then there's the hurricane coming into the gulf ... where the oil spill is... so I'm keeping those people in my prayers. Gosh will it never end for them down there.  The wildlife will suffer even more when the oil gets pushed further up onto beaches and wetlands.  And it seems at long last Obama has accepted help from other nations.  77 days later... he could have done that in the first week and they could be collecting oil all that time.

Big sneaky happenings with Obama (again)... the stuff that goes on is amazing.  It seems when someone or something isn't to their liking ... (even though it was before).. they just deny it or get rid of it. 
Oh well... its all politics.    The whole world seems to revolve around political agendas.     I don't feel well today so I didn't go bike riding and might just settle back and take a rest.  I'm baking a cake for a belated Father's Day celebration for my dear Brian.  Grandchildren are coming so I've done the table in all pink summery stripes with pink plastic plates.. they will love it ...  and the chocolate cake will be decorated with smarties so I'm wondering if it is indeed a Dad's day celebration or a kid's day...  :-)

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