Tuesday, June 8, 2010

He's at it again.....
Obama on the campaign trail. Doesn't he know he's won.  Why does he continue to do these town hall meetings and ego fests when so many people don't like his policies. He's trying now to convince people that the Health Care bill is magnificent. It's been passed .... so get on with something else that needs his attention.  He hasn't even spoken to the CEO of British Petroleum. They have never talked to each other for goodness sake.   Why doesn't he just go back to the gulf and do something productive to help with what's happening there with the oil spill.   Latest news is that there is now another leak from another platform 100 miles away.   Nobody will tell what's its about.... coast guard, government departments, people who own the platform etc won't say a word and its been happening for a month or more already.  Cover up !!  There are now thousands and thousands of oil "patches" throughout the ocean. 

The oil industry should be ashamed of itself ........  it's all about the money.  As they moved into deeper water and deeper wells they got complacent regarding rules and regulations. Over time the industry has dictated how the rules were enforced. They all keep lying... misrepresenting the facts .... and its not only the oil industry.  Where's the so called "transparency" Obama shouted about during his election campaign.   Urgh!!!  This environmental disaster is the largest in the history of the United States.  The clean up crew in the gulf on one or how ever many beaches .....  have two hour lunches and work only 15 minutes and then have 15 minutes off.   And on the news we see them picking up tiny bits of oil that you need a magnifying glass to find. Why aren't they in the marshes where its piling up a foot deep.  The clean up effort by BP is absolutely pathetic and I'm ready to scream about it.   It's so upsetting. 

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