Sunday, June 27, 2010

I have always loved the beavers that cut down the trees and make dams in the woods.  Now I know I love them even more after watching a wonderful documentary about them on one of our nature channels here in Canada.  I learned that two beavers can cut down 400 trees in a year .... they also sound like little  babies... its the cutest sweet little noise and I would never have guessed it came from a beaver.  Their dams need to be high enough so that in winter when the ice comes it does not freeze to the bottom .. they swim under the ice and up into their "lodges" which can be as big as a two car garage.  There are escape routes and separate chambers inside. The film showed us a bear .. chasing one little dude through the forest into the water ... the beaver luckily escaped and the bear was not about to give up.  He climbed up on their enormous lodge and started wrecking it to get to them... but they were long gone. He hadn't a clue.  :-))   One bear climbed up a tree and it wasn't long before the beaver had knawed through it and it crashed into the water.  Bear was fine .. had to swim out ......  they are so very, very busy and their instinct is to start building when they hear running water.  I love them ......   and they are the only things on the planet apart from man who can create whole eco systems from the damming of the water.  Numerous other types of life begin in their dams and when they chop down the trees they eat the bark but not the leaves which are then available to the moose and others to eat ...  (when once they were too high for them to reach...)  They never stop working.  And are so clever.

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