Tuesday, June 8, 2010

I think the world has gone crazy.  Our Canadian government is in deep doo doo for proposing a $2 million "fake lake" to impress or entertain or whatever for I haven't a clue .... when they attend  the G20 summits in Ottawa.   While policing costs for the G8 and G20 summits will cost $1 billion, Canadians are on the hook for a host of other related costs, everything from electronic jamming to safeguarding what the leaders eat for dinner.  I get so mad with governments.  Whose money is it they keep spending.  Ours .........   I hate them ..... I wish I could walk away and not hear this stupidity or read about it.  So many people suffer in all sorts of ways when Governments cut expenditure on elderly, or child care or schools, or services people need yet they keep splurging on ridiculous costs.   They need to have a few more women in charge of governments I think.  We at least know how to run on a budget ....

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