Thursday, June 24, 2010

I'm up bright and early this morning to head off to the big, huge yard sale the town has.  It's in a field about two miles away from where I live and I've got my umbrella because it looks like rain coming, I'll take my water to drink, and my nice new big "beach bag" sort of thingy to pile in the stuff  I purchase.  They have some great things. One year I got a bike to ride ... for just $20.  Another year I got some gorgeous crystal glasses and a whole stack of brand new christmas goodies from the stores.  They have furniture, books, clothes, new and old, kids stuff, lots of great crockery and materials,  baskets, and anything else you can think of.  So I'm ready to roll ...   *(s) .............  And it goes for 4 days .......  they keep putting out more stuff all the time. I might have to sleep up there.  LOL...  

I also had to show you this gorgeous photo of a beautiful wolf.  We have them all around us and I often hear them howling.  He's sleeping on a rock in the snow in the sunshine. One can only image the delight for the photographer to find him lying there.  That's what I need. A super duper camera with telescopic lens so I can take photos like this one.  He also looks like the big dog a couple of doors from me .. he's so big and his coat is so thick from living in the cold.  Just gorgeous !!!

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