Friday, June 11, 2010

The Jones Act..... have you heard about that .....
Its from 1920,and  is a stumbling block to the clean-up efforts. Over a dozen nations have offered assistance, as they have equipment and experience in cleaning oil spills. However, the Jones Act prohibits foreign operations in the Gulf of Mexico. Known as Section 27 of the Maritime Act of 1920, the Jones Act deals with ‘cabotage’, or coastal shipping. The act is meant to protect the U.S. maritime industry such that only U.S. flagged vessels, crewed by at least 75% U.S. citizens, conducting commercial operations in U.S. waters. In 2005, the Bush administration waived the Jones Act in the wake of Hurricane Katrina.

During a press conference yesterday, Coast Guard Admiral Thad Allen was asked about this foreign assistance and the Jones Act. He said a waiver would be granted if a request were made. This morning, EPA head Carol Browner was asked on “Fox and Friends” if the White House would request a waiver? Her answer was that the request had to come from the Coast Guard. So it seems that despite being lawyer-heavy, the Obama administration, is not very sharp or aware of what it can do legally.

Countries are sitting.. with ships and equipment to help with the oil spill... and no-one ... has "requested" an amendment to the Jones Act so they can come into the USA waters and do what needs to be done.   THIS IS APPALLING.  It can be waived like Bush did in Hurricane Katrina...  so why hasn't someone from the White House been onto this and got it done. As the days go by ..... what the heck is going on with the politicians. I hate them all....

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