Saturday, June 12, 2010

Little grandson Connor has been with us for some time yesterday and him and his sister are here with us again today.  I think I'm all cartooned out... !!!  I know everything about Scooby Doo, Blue's Clues, Diego and Dora the Explorer, and a whole bunch of other characters.   We went to a little yard sale just over the road this morning and I got a box full of books, some lace and craft goodies, we've had pizza for lunch and played with the bunny from next door.  He loves to help me fill up the bird feeders so we did that as well...  climbing up the little step ladder was the highlight of that adventure.
All will be moving soon.... 8 hours away from us so we're sure to miss them.   It will be pretty lonely up here in the woods now for the old grandma and grandpa.

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