Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Little grandson is here today to stay awhile with us.  He'll like it when "grandma" shows him a bug bite I have on my leg.  Darn mosquitos ... He's all into "Ow-ees"... he falls over and scrapes his knee and he's got an Oweeeeeee ... grandma gets bitten by a couple of bugs now she's got Oweeees ... *(s)...  and he can help me feed the birds again this morning. He loves having to climb up the little white step ladder to reach the containers.  Rain has stopped .. nice to have it overnight to water the garden and keep things pretty and green and fresh. 

Sun is out .. it's a nice day in the woods of British Columbia and I can only imagine the amount of bears out with the new cubs this season ... and I often wonder where my little deer hang out when the pickings are good for meals.  They'll of course be back when the snow comes again but I sure would like to see them on the green grass for a change.   And I sure would love it if the bears had letter boxes .. those types that have a little flag thingy on top ... so I could see them all throughout the woods.  They could be so close and I wouldn't even know it.

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