Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Now that summer is nearly here.. I always seem to find my way  to the pretty picnic things in the stores. Plastic glasses and plates and bowls in all soft and vibrant party colours so I bought some glasses (for my smoothies) .. big ones which look like those in old fashioned milk shake parlours,  and some plates for just taking out onto the deck with a sandwich on.  Well for the life of me I could not get those horrible store stickers off them.  You can't scrub at the glue because it marks the plastic and looks horrible.... so much so ... that my hubby went over to the store and bought me 4 more plates because he had ruined the ones he'd been washing for me .... trying to get the stickers off.

Well after a search on internet I found the much sought after solution. Why hadn't I known this years ago.  All you do is add a little cooking oil to the sticker ... let it stand for a while ... I guess the oil sinks in and then with some warm soapy water everything comes away and you have no residue gluey mark left on the item.  I love it.  So there you are.... a great tip..... try it out next time you get something with a horrible store sticker on it.

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