Tuesday, June 8, 2010

One nice thing this morning on the news... two beautiful pelicans which have been cleaned and helped from dying in the oil spill ... were released from their cramped quarters of a carrier box ..... into the ocean once again.   They were so gorgeous... majestic and  big.  It brought some joy to my old heart to see them fly up into the air across the beach and land a little way out on the water again.  The rescued birds have all been taken somewhere else to be released so God willing they will be able to survive.  The pelicans have just been taken off the endangered species list .. then the oils spill happened and so many of them are in peril. 
BP it seems is stopping fisherman from even going out into the water. They pay them to sit and do nothing but watch.  The BP people cleaning up the beaches are taking two hour lunch breaks and hardly moving in their efforts to clean.  I don't understand what jurisdiction this company has over the US government and its people. Why are they running the show.  Why are they stopping other people from helping.  I sure wish I had enough money to fly down there and do something.   

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