Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Our bike ride this morning took us over to the second hand and new car dealership in town.  We started off in the sunshine and by the time we got there we were being drenched by rain and hail.   What silly weather it is.....  We wanted to look at the cars and trucks for sale ... the guy came out and took one look at us and laughed and said you two definitely need a vehicle.   We were a bit bedraggled from the rain and must have looked quite amusing on our bikes.  The green grass is growing so fast ... it needs cutting every second day and my lilacs are smelling gorgeous.  The forget-me-nots are out and there are some pretty purple irises opening up.  It's so nice to see flowers after the long white winter months when everything is frozen solid ..... Big, fat bumblebees, butterflies and the hummingbirds zooming past me .....  and as we ride past all the lilac bushes that people seem to have in their yards the perfume from them is so strong and gorgeous.  I saw a white lilac today .. my first one here in town. The others seem to be only purple.  They remind me of my grandmother who always wore lilac perfume.

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