Sunday, June 13, 2010

Please.. if you care for the animals .. click on the link down the right hand column of my page.... or here to take you to the animal rescue site where every click you  make ... advertisers donate half a bowl of food for all animals everywhere in shelters and rescue centres.  Horses, cats, dogs, wildlife like the otters, wolves etc.  It's a wonderful page and they have lots of nice things for sale ... I'm tempted to get myself a pretty bracelet or even a shopping bag.   I'm not all that brave to read the sad plight of so many beloved creatures.  Some days when I'm weepy and sad I just go there and click a dozen or so times and remove myself from the page quickly. I simply cannot bear their suffering.   SO PLEASE ... take the time to click each day. It only takes a few seconds out of your internet daily life.... I do it after I've read the news online ...  it's a habit for me now and I love that I can at least help them in some small way.  It costs  you nothing.      They seem to need us now more than ever........

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