Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Poor guy... summoned to the White House like a schoolboy summoned to the principal's office.  His life is on the line 24 hours a day along with the hundreds of thousands of troops he commands.  Who really cares what he said or was supposed to have said to journalists (and why are they embedded with troops anyway) ... surely they were given White House permission .... He supposedly doesn't agree with some Senators or the President's take on the war.  I wonder how they would know anything about it anyway ... he's the one in Afghanistan day in day out watching his men being blown to pieces. 
I just don't get it.....
give the guy a break.  Stanley McChrystal deserves some say in whats going on over there.  It's all so political ... just get over it White House and concentrate on other matters you need to fix. And do we really need to see Obama yet again on the telly giving us his decision on this man's life. 

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