Saturday, June 5, 2010

Sir Paul McCartney.  They should remove the "sir" in front of his name for his classless comment about an American President. Whomever is President  is none of his business and to come to the USA to accept an honour at the White House and denigrate President Bush (or any President) is an outrage.  It showed how shallow people can be, and it was sad that someone of Paul McCartney's stature can in one moment erase years of goodwill that he built up with so many people in America.  It was completely ungracious and undignified.  I would imagine that most of his wealth was accumulated from people of the USA buying his music.  Perhaps he should get a shovel and go to the gulf to help clean up the other foul mess that Britian left on the shores of the USA. I love Britain as I do the USA ... but with McCartney and the BP CEO I've just about had enough of them lately.

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