Friday, July 30, 2010

I'll be gone until about the 12th of August so be good whilst I'm away.  *(s)...  no doubt I'll have some interesting things to tell you from my vacation and some pics as well....

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Busy day today packing up a huge moving truck. Kids, grandkids and granddog are moving in the morning and I was really sad to think about what it will be like with none of them around.  Chewie granddog gave his old grandma lots of smooches, handshakes and "leaning upon" whilst I was there.  He was so tired he tried to sleep but the noise and movement of what was going on around him kept him awake.  He was dog tired. I think he wondered what the heck was happening to his house, furniture and family. Everyone going in all directions, neighbours, other family members etc, carrying and packing.   I must admit I'm glad to be home and going to my bed. I'll sleep well tonight ... then its back up there tomorrow to help a bit more .... last goodbyes for quite a while.
You can click on the desktop wallpaper image if you wish to save it and it will be original size for you.. 1250 x 800.   It's from
Such a pretty image .. artist unknown to me.   I wanted to add some roses here when I write about the horrific goings on at Arlington National cemetery. 

WASHINGTON -- Estimates of the number of graves potentially affected by mix-ups at Arlington National Cemetery grew to as many as 6,600 on Thursday, as the cemetery's former superintendent blamed his staff and a lack of resources for the scandal that forced his ouster.

John Metzler, who ran the famous military burial ground for 19 years, said he accepts "full responsibility" for the problems.   But he also rebutted some of findings of Army investigators. And he suggested cemetery employees were to blame for mix-ups because the system used to track grave sites relied mostly on a complicated paper trail vulnerable to error. 

What a bunch of hogwash that statement is from Metzler......19 years and he didn't know it was happening. I'm totally appalled at this outrage as most people are. The service men do not deserve this. Can you imagine going to visit your loved one's grave ... now to find out that you have been visiting someone else.  And gravestones being found in creek beds..  I've been to Arlington Cemetery and it was a humbling experience to see the thousands of white crosses in the beautiful green grass and tree covered area.  It's amazing to see how many lives have been lost.  And that's just one cemetery.   This guy needs to be put in jail for the rest of his life.    God Bless those dear men (and women) for giving their lives to their country.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Maybe this weekend or early next week we'll be heading down south to Vancouver way to visit the rellies.  It's such a long time in between seeing great grandpa and his wife and now we also have grand children, and children to see as they, too have moved to the big sticks.  I'm very envious because I love visiting Museums, or going to the movies, going to outdoor markets, or just going to the Walmart and some of the gorgeous stores they have in Canada's malls.   Our little country town is very much out of the way of the super stores and all the other delicious places I'd love to be visiting.  We're going to be lonely I think up here .... when everyone we love and care about is way down south at least 11 hours from us... and more.

My favourite thing to do is sit at the ocean side and just look out to sea.  We can do that down south ... go to the beach and look across the water to Washington state, USA... and I can imagine if I kept going on that ocean that eventually I would come to Australia again.  Last time I was there I thought about Tasmania and the rest of Australia and started crying. It's always been difficult being away from ones home country.  It's the little things I miss the most .. (apart from friends of course).... like foods I favoured, or products I used,  things I became used to for the first 50 years of my life.    Starting over in another country has got to be one of the most difficult things in one's life.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

I cannot believe that President Obama is going on "The View" tv talk show tomorrow. Why isn't he at work in the White House when there is so much to be done instead of once again showing his face on the television.

President Obama will make history as the first sitting president on a daytime talk show when he visits with the ladies of "The View." But he'll be missing out on another historic occasion -- the Boy Scouts' Jamboree marking the group's 100th anniversary, right in the president's backyard.
The Jamboree kicked off this week at Fort A.P. Hill in Virginia, where organizers had invited the president to speak to the 45,000 scouts in attendance. All three of Obama's predecessors have made it to one Jamboree while in office.
But the president will instead be traveling Wednesday to New York for a taping of the ABC show, as well as Democratic fundraisers and a stop in New Jersey. The talk show appearance comes as campaign season moves into full swing, but also amid efforts to cap the Gulf oil spill for good, contain the damage from an unprecedented leak of Afghanistan war documents and battle Arizona over its immigration law -- set to go into effect Thursday. Obama also has an out-of-town event planned for Friday in Detroit.
But while the Jamboree lasts until next Tuesday, the president is sending his regards via a videotaped message.     urgh!!!  It's always about him........the little scouts would have loved to had him at their jamboree ...

There is another oil spill happening. A tug boat ran into the cap of another one and its now spurting 100 feet into the air ... much closer to the shoreline down in the Gulf.   Then there is the horrible antics of an Australian who has published intelligence documents  online.  Hundreds of Afghan lives have been put at risk by the leaking of 90,000 ntelligence documents to WikiLeaks because the files identify informants working with NATO forces.  Soldiers will be in peril even moreso after this breach of security.  Silly creep.. I hope he goes to jail along with the person who leaked the documents from the Pentagon or wherever they came from. Terrible thing to do....

Monday, July 26, 2010

A pretty vintage card for you from my on it to see it full size and save it to your folders from there.
I was thinking maybe I should make up some blog dividers ... I like placing them after each post and often forget to do so.  I could see me creating a whole bunch for my website ... swirls, scrolls, rows of lace with birds, or a rose here or there on a pretty bar line.  Butterflies, daisies, all sorts of pretty things I could make. Now that will give me something else to get on with when the weather is too hot to be outside or even too cold in the winter.    My old imagination is always on the lookout for something to do in paintshop pro.  *(s).
Time I went over to the library again to find some more mysteries. For some unknown reason I've lately been reading romance novels.  I got a whole box of them from the huge yard sale last month held in our town to raise money for the hospice.  I think now I've had my fill of drooling women, all helpless in the beginning then as the story goes on ... she meets the guy, they argue, she puts up with his other girlfriend, thinks he doesn't want her so gives up .. then they fall in love for real and live happily ever after.  I think I could write some of these novels.  All the same really just with different characters and scenarios.  I do enjoy the vintage ones though... back in the 1800's with their long dresses and the guys who treat them badly or pretend they aren't interested.   Funny when you think about it. I don't think life is very much like we read in romance novels.  Oh well...  I'll ride my bike over to the library today to see what I can find.............   It was a dark and stormy night .....  *(s)  Thank you Patricia my friend for the little mystery lover blinkie......
I've been playing with my teacups today ... making Teacup Posies for my website.
Photographs of my real teacups and saucers, adding flowers and bows and lace. I love making these... gosh I think they are so pretty and soft and delicate. I don't think there is anything nicer than using a gorgeous, cup and saucer to have your tea in... makes it taste so much better.

I've gone all vintage again. I love the shabby, retro, grungy look ...  isn't that strange how times change. Once upon a time we'd have thought it all looked so grubby and awful and would never have used anything with stains or crumpled bits on it. Now its all the rage and people are making so many scrap kits and designs in that format.  Makes you wonder what we'll be liking and doing next.  

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Remember if you don't have a blog and would like to start one of your own ... I have a whole bunch of very pretty blog toppers for sale on my website.  There's plenty for you to swap and change around like I often do.   Check out the site and perhaps you will find something you like.  Having a blog is a great  way to keep in touch with your family and your friends and tell them about your days.......

 Blogspot is easy to use and it has some new features as well.   Anyone would think I work for them.... not so!!
But I do know that having a blog is a quick and easy way to be online without the monthly expense of paying for a webhost.
I had a bunny chasing day today... kids next door wanted us to look after their lovely little rabbit .. called Theodore... went over to give him water and food and his cage was empty.  He'd made an escape ...  Yikes!    I thought my bunny chasing days were over once I'd left Australia.  I had many bunnies over the years ... right up until I was about 45 years old. I love them.    I thought I would never be able to find him in the long grass and the field being behind us both.

I thought perhaps he might have gone over to where he was born.  His mum and dad still live there with another family and sure enough there he was sitting on their back lawn. They weren't home either so I managed to catch him and bring him back to his own cage.  Then found out where he had escaped and got my Brian to repair the cage. After some hammering and fixing ... a bunch of wasps swarmed out from under the shed where his cage was ... so we ran off home with the wasps chasing us.  Theodore is now housed on our deck in the big wooden crate with wire on the front that I brought my Wilbur dog from Australia with me on the Qantas plane.   Luckily I still had it.   I wonder what tomorrow will bring.... more wasps I'm sure. Darn things there seems to be a pile of them everywhere this summer.  I guess little Theodore is having a "long weekend" away from home as well...  he'll be reunited tomorrow with the four little girls who live there.... and their dad can finish repairs in amongst the wasp nest. 

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Little girls graphic  by Mary Engelbreit.
What would we do without our friends.
I had a lovely surprise this morning in the mail from a dear, sweet lady who lives in New Zealand.  She spoiled me with a gorgeous little fabric bag made from Mary Engelbreit fabric.  I have always loved Mary's artworks .. they are fresh, cute, sweet and filled with bright and cheerful designs and colours ...

Just what I needed to make me feel cared about and invigorated.  These past few months my diabetes seems to be getting me down.  Tired legs, aches and pains and just this morning as I went back to bed I said to my hubby that I feel like a bus has gone through the bedroom in the night and knocked me over.  Falling off my bike a few times over the past 6 months hasn't helped. I'm just getting old I guess.   I never feel like mowing the lawns any more or doing much more than is absolutely necessary and hot weather doesn't help either. I  much prefer the coolness and snow so having hot days here in the woods with the bugs and the high winds at times is wearing me out........ then I look at the news and feel worse.   Is there never any good news to report to us all........
I guess I should be glad I'm not a waitress like the ladies in the photo below...  can  you imagine having to work in those outfits......  *(s)

Waitresses at the Central Park casino

This is a wonderful photograph.....
Just love all those frilly hats.  You can click on it to see it full size and enjoy the ladies.
Found this last night on a Victorian blog...

The ‘Central Park Casino’ was, in the late 19th c., the place to eat in Central Park. It was a restaurant, not a ‘casino’ as we think of casinos. The name ‘Casino’ comes from Italian – it means ‘little house’.
In 1858, when the design of Central Park was being decided, the original plan called for the site where this restaurant stood to be a music and exhibition hall. By 1862, there was a bandstand on the spot. Then, when the Casino was originally built, it was envisioned as a ‘Ladies Dining Saloon’ where ladies who had come to the park without male escort could dine respectably.

This never developed as planned, and the Casino became, instead, the main restaurant in the park that served both men and women. The New York Parks and Recreation website page about the Casino says:

The building resembled upstate country houses that Vaux [one of the architects who designed Central Park - B.] had previously designed in his private architectural practice. At night, the building was described in Baldwin’s Guide to the Central Park as “brilliantly illuminated with gas from handsome pendants.” During the day patrons would drive up in their carriages to visit the Casino, sit under the Wisteria Pergola at the western edge of the site, and listen to the strains of music from the Wednesday and Saturday afternoon concerts on the Mall below. In the summer seasons refreshments from the Casino were served at tables placed under the archway leading to Bethesda Terrace. [Accessed 4 June 2010]

In the 1920s, the building was extended to include a ballroom, which in turn became a popular nightclub. Among the performers it hosted was Ethel Merman. In 1935, in the midst of the depression, the old Casino building was torn down and the site turned into a playground for children. In 1986, it became a playfield, a clay surfaced sports area for school teams, and finally, it came back to its original ‘bandstand’ roots by the erection of the Summerstage.

When these waitresses worked at the Casino is unknown – the picture is not dated. I’m guessing the late 1890s or early 1900s by their dress. What the ‘Fete Chatele’ was, I have no idea. Perhaps these were temporary waitresses – working for whatever company catered what was certainly some kind of party. ['FĂȘte Chantele' may be a mispelling of 'FĂȘte Chantee', or Festival of Song in French].

They look tired,  not to mention they seem to have had to work  in full skirts and hats!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

A cute little bear desktop wallpaper for you... comes from "Bear Affair" at

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save or install it from there...

Friday, July 16, 2010

Time for a big make over of my website so I've been busy deleting images, changing pages, re-organising graphics and other things in my files.   What a job!!!   With well over 1.4 gigabytes for sale it was a whopping bit of business to deal with and I'm going now for a more streamlined effect with more  digital designer dressups for you all to enhance your own creations.   It will be quite an overhaul which will probably take me a good month to sort through.  But hey!!  what else have I got to do up here in the woods of Canada.   Beautiful days which beckon you to just sit out on the cool deck with a long drink in one hand and a mysterious mystery book in the other.  Birds flying by and chirping and feeding,  flowers growing in the pots beside me and the gentle breeze moves my swing seat back and forth.    Or I could always go online and sort through the homes and apartments down south where we might be moving next summer.  I would love to be closer to more stores and even a movie theatre.  Our little town seems to be getting smaller on a weekly basis with stores closing and people also moving to larger communities....

At least BP has put a stop so far to the oil spill so I'm keeping my fingers crossed that this might be the end of it all but I have my doubts along with the thousands and if not millions of other people who are so upset by it all.   I heard Obama today on the news talking about it as if he was an employee of B.P.  Every few words of his speech were "we"....  "we've capped the hole"...etc.  What the heck has he been doing .... so far all I've seen him do is go once again on the darn campaign trail to get more Democrats elected in the mid terms. 

Well time for my bed........ thanks Patricia for the nice image about
 books....  *(s)

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Being up at 2 a.m. is no good at all... that's what I get for taking a nap this afternoon.  Wide awake ... maybe a cup of tea is in order.  Lazy sort of day doing not much at all. thank goodness it had cooled down and I could actually get outside a bit .... bugs were also there .... darn things.  Oh well... Its a good time for resting up from my falls.

Another desktop for you...
Lovely little girl and kittens
artwork by Mary Engelbreit ..
.. it's a fun place to see .....she's got some wonderful products there ... 
Click on the image above to see it full size and save or install it to your computer from there.

This is such a cute desktop wallpaper for your computer screen. Gorgeous art work of course by Mary Engelbreit...

Click to see it full size and save or install it from there.
Muslims want to build a huge mosque in New York just a few feet away from the World Trade Centre area. How cruel and ridiculous is that.  A permanent gigantic reminder of who took down the towers on that fateful day.  Let them build their prayer place somewhere else.  People are outraged ..... and I sure don't blame them. A citadel of Islamic supremacy ... right in the heart of New York.  Back in their country they laughed and cheered when the towers went down.  Opponents of the proposed 13-story project at 45 Park Place say it's too close for comfort - just blocks from where the towers were felled by Muslim terrorists.
This would be heartbreaking for all the relatives of those who died on that day...... and for all of us who value life and freedom from terror and murder.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

This little darling obviously was so hot he or she could not stand it any longer.
As I looked at the weather map today of the USA they had Phoenix at 112 degrees.   I've been to Phoenix and it was a lovely place but oh!!!!  so hot.
I couldn't live there.  Bless its little heart ... it's found somewhere cool to plonk down and rest a bit.  Gotta love them for all the funny things they do.

Thank goodness our heat has subsided a bit. Coolness prevails and I can now at least add another cover on my bed instead of just the sheet and turn the overhead fan down to low. 

And our flower bed out front has plants in it that seem to be on steroids. They are bursting into flower and the greenery is getting about 6 inches bigger every day.  It's like they all have to grow like crazy because soon the snow will be back.  

Monday, July 12, 2010

I love this image from Mary Engelbreit.  I love the big comfy chair, the dog, the Bless this Home sign, her hair do which is like mine ... the lace thingy on the back of the chair,  and the little dog on the chair ...

Its a card for you to save to your stash ...  click to see it full size and save it from there.

It reminds me of all the good things in life ... like being comfortable, being with your furry friend and loyal companions, reading a good book in the long winter months up here in the Canadian woods ....  having a nice light to read by ....  all that seems to be missing is the proverbial side table with a cup of tea on it in a pretty cup and saucer.   Argh!!!!!!  small pleasures bring life's treasures  .......
I've lost my "oomph" today .... tired and not feeling well.  Suddenly my bike fall aches and pains have become too distracting. I don't feel like doing a darn thing other than sleeping, taking some aspirins, or just sitting around feeling sorry for myself.

I did manage to fill up the bird feeders which we did yesterday and it was all gone.  Very windy conditions over the past week.... I hate the wind... but it didn't stop the multitude of birds from flying around and landing on the feeders and filling themselves up.   Gorgeous little creatures they are and for whatever reason they seem to be all back with a vengeance ...  they disappeared when it was baby bird making time, or nest building time or bug eating time ... or whatever it was that makes them leave the seeds for more natural food.  It's a treat to watch them...and their tunes are wonderful from the trees in the field.   I think I'm spoiling them.........  *(s)

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Well isn't this one gorgeous. He looks like he's been peeking through some holes and got rings around his eyes.  Or maybe its a new pair of glasses.  I love him.

What a wonderful little furry friend he would be .. or she... You can see the photo larger if you click on it.
He's obviously a cross between a husky and a wolf.

I saw a beautiful German Shepherd this morning on my "bike ride"... I had ventured out after my last fall and went slowly .. got off and walked a bit as well and a man was taking his dog out for a walk in the early morning coolness. It's been so hot here lately.  It was only a young dog but very elegant and strong and interested in me as I stopped near him.  A little talk to him and a pat on his head and off they both went again.    I sure do miss my beloved Wilbur.   We had so many wonderful walks in the snow.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

This afternoon this was me ... running around the deck and yard like a crazy little dog chasing wasps.  They were after us... I guess they were chasing me...instead of me chasing them.  *(s).

Darn things seem to want to build their cute little round igloo like nests in our shed, and now there is one under our decking which we can't get to so I'll have to be careful and not sit above where they might be.

This little dog reminds me of my sweet Wilbur who passed away 2 years ago. He was an Aussie dog and loved being in Canada.  He'd have chased the bugs for me...  I also tried to dig up a little tree that was beyond our fence in the field and plant it in our lawn but that was not successful as it wasn't really a tree but rather a sucker sort of thing growing on the roots of the other trees nearby .....  little Connor was so interested in helping his old grandma dig a little hole.  Nearly three years old in November .. growing himself like a weed or a tall Canadian tree.  I think he'll be tall like his grandpa.
Click on the image and save it full size if you wish....
I love this beautiful hat ... wow.... how could anyone's face not look gorgeous if you were wearing this.
Let's hope the latest effort by BP to stop the oil flow will work... they say it will get worse (could it possibly be worse) before it improves.  Then there's Celine Dion ... expecting twin boys later this year.  Gosh aren't all these celebrities having twins lately.   Invitro fertilization must work pretty well.    And Arizona.. how could the United States sue one of its own states. That's so weird.  I feel bad for Arizona because at least they are trying to do something about the illegal immigration problem.  I guess the neighbouring states who disagree with Arizona Governor won't change their minds till the killing comes to their own doorstep.   It must be a horrible situation for people living in Arizona... (one rancher was killed recently by illegals).... he was on his own property.     The world sure seems to be going crazy lately.  

Friday, July 9, 2010

Now we have three little squirrels in our bird feeders.  I shall have to start calling them squirrel feeders. One little guy or gal lets me stand beside the feeder whilst its there.  I talk to it of course ... so perhaps a gentle voice is all it takes for it to not feel threatened.  The pile of sunflower seeds soon vanishes whilst I watch up close.  I could reach out and touch it and yesterday it leaned over and looked at me as if to say ... who the heck are you... leave me in peace to get on with my meal.     Beautiful little critters ... I sure do love them all.    

They cannot see straight ahead of them because their eyes are on the side of their face and not in the centre like ours so they need to tilk their heads to see what's in front of them. They jump around the trees and branches like circus performers. Quite a treat to see them doing their squirrel thing.  It's been very hot here in the woods and the birds in particular love my bird bath .. which I need to keep filling up with cold water because it soon has become warm and uninviting for them.   I think they all are getting very spoiled by an old Aussie.
A cute little friends wallpaper for your desktop this morning. It's a large one so it looks good on the bigger screens. Click on the image to see it full size and save it from there.

I sure do miss my friends ...
from back in Australia.  Internet keeps me in touch with them but how nice it would be to have them knock on my door and come for tea or to paint like we used to do on Saturday afternoons.

We would gather with our painting supplies and items we wished to paint on and we'd have lunch ... put on some nice relaxing music... and we'd paint till our hearts content.  Flowers, bears, birds, boxes, cards, all sorts of things.  Santas were always a favourite and of course big wooden trunks, old vintage milk cans, wooden plagues and signs, coat racks, photo album covers... It was always a surprise to see what everyone turned up with and we'd share the books, brushes and paints and even the painting on each other's items.   I'd better stop writing about this or I'll have a tear or two dropping onto my keyboard.................. 

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Day Eighty today for the oil spill. Isn't that horrible and unimaginable. Sometimes I think its a nightmare.  And the clean up effort since day one has reminded me of a Three Stooges film.   Say no more !!
I watched a wonderful program last night starring David Suchet.. (he's Hercule Poirot from Agatha Christie's mysteries).  I love this guy.  He's so authentic looking and plays the part magnificently.

He was not, however, playing a part but rather was a passenger on the gorgeous Orient Express train.  What a piece of history that is.  The story about its origins and trials throughout the war etc was so interesting.  He spoke to several passengers and they told us why they were on the train.  One father had purchased a ticket for his daughter's birthday .. (*lucky daughter).  Another had bought the ticket for his mother as she had wanted to go on the train before she passed away. However she had died a month earlier so him and his wife were now on the journey as an anniversary present to themselves.  There were another couple on a honeymoon.    You can click here for prices ... (if you are very rich that is and want to make a booking)..... but heavens sake .. how wonderful it would be.  I'll keep buying those lottery tickets....  *(s)  It's a lovely site and you will see so much of the train's interior and journey. 

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Big Big sale on the Mega Bundle at
It has never been this low...  only for a few days so grab it whilst it lasts.
Click on the image to see it larger.

Barack OBAMA, during his Cairo speech, said: “I know, too,that Islam has always been
 a part of America ‘s story.”–AN AMERICAN CITIZEN’S RESPONSE
May 27, 2010 — budsimmons
Well what are we now... into Day 79 or something like that. The oil spill keeps growing... the stupid big ship called "A Whale" seems to be worse than useless at skimming the oil from the water. You can only use it when the ocean is completely flat it seems. What good is that. How often are there no darn waves on the ocean.  Nothing more about Kevin Costner's efforts, (no matter how hard he's trying they still don't seem to be using anything).   And they still don't know if this second well will work to stop the flow of disgusting oil into the pristine waters of the gulf.  And now we hear that there are 26,000 unused and disgarded oil rigs and bits of oil rigs still out there in the water with nobody monitoring if there are leaks from them or not.  It's all about the money.  Obama had his chance to stop this deep sea crap before it even started because he knew it was dangerous and might result in such a disaster. He said no .. let's keep doing it because we want the money.  Oh dear!!!  I need to stop hearing and seeing him .......  every single day he seems to have his face on the telly. 
This cute little lady is from my new "Vintage Notebook Collection" at
It's a psp tube for you to use in your creations and please email me if you would like it.  You can click on the graphic to see it full size.  She's so sweet.  My email address is down the right hand side column.   She's Number 91 in the 100 or so in the Collection.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

NASA and the Muslim controversy........
What contributions to science, math and engineering have they made. Any knowledge that they possessed was in the hands of Arab scholars who at the time were Christians (primarily Coptic and other Christian religions) who studied the Greek knowledge from the library of Alexandria. The Muslims at the time felt the only book worth reading was the Koran so they burnt down the library. The Arabic scholars later preserved it and documented what they learned from the Greeks. Others laid claim to the knowledge because the proof was destroyed and at this point anybody could claim it as theirs. Trigonometry came 1500 years before algebra. Where do you think algebra came from it was also Greek. Its all Greek to me is an old phrase that goes back to this period. As time went on the region converted to islam. They had nothing to do with any of the knowledge.
God Help us all if Obama gives them NASA technology.  Isn't it bad enough they come in planes... And what about Israel.  !!!  I'm stunned ...

Monday, July 5, 2010

I think Obama has sank to an even deeper low with this ....I'm speechless on this statement from Mr. Bolden.  (I think the President has completely lost all of his marbles) .... This is ludicrous and for heavens sake what about the other countries around the world that have contributed to the efforts in space.   Isn't Nasa's job to get us into space and keep us there ..  Why are they now falling over backwards to make the Muslims feel good.  FOR WHAT.... the statement below is causing a storm amonst the media... and I certainly don't blame them. 

NASA Administrator Charles Bolden said in a recent interview that his "foremost" mission as the head of America's space exploration agency is to improve relations with the Muslim world.
Though international diplomacy would seem well outside NASA's orbit, Bolden said in an interview with Al Jazeera that strengthening those ties was among the top tasks President Obama assigned him. He said better interaction with the Muslim world would ultimately advance space travel.

Don't forget to check the Give Away of the Day everyday because the freebies only last for the 24 hours. There have been some great things....
Had a bad fall from my bike last evening.... going to rest up for a week or so.
A beautiful butterfly in my potted plants last night too.  He was injured and I felt bad for him. So gorgeous .. he flew away later so I guess he'll recover. One of his spectacular wings was damaged.  I'll have to look it up on internet and see if they grow again.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Check out the Give Away of the Day today... down the right hand column. It's a wonderful screensaver. I don't usually do screensavers because they inevitably are filled with some sort of spyware but this one installed and operated great. It's a woodsy scene with dew drops, bugs and especially a spider building a web between the branches.  I'll never wreck another spider's web in my life after seeing this one working so hard to build it. I never realised that was how it was done.  Gorgeous.... I think my little grandson will love it too.  It's not scarey of course... colourful and pretty and also has nice gentle music. I watched it for half an hour and then felt like taking a nap. It's supposed to be soothing so I guess it is.. .  lol

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Thank God there are kind people in this world.. these little creatures are in desperate need of help. They will perish in the oil spill.  At least someone is doing something to help them.

PENSACOLA BEACH, Fla. — An effort to scoop thousands of turtle eggs from their nests to save them from death in the oily Gulf of Mexico will begin in the coming weeks in a desperate attempt to keep an entire generation of threatened species from vanishing.
The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service will coordinate the plan, which calls for collecting about 70,000 turtle eggs in up to 800 nests buried in the sand across Florida Panhandle and Alabama beaches.
It's never been done on such a massive scale. But doing nothing, experts say, could lead to unprecedented deaths. There are fears the turtles would be coated in oil and poisoned by crude-soaked food as they hatch and swim out to sea.
This is an extraordinary effort under extraordinary conditions, but if we can save some of the hatchlings, it will be worth it as opposed to losing all of them," said Chuck Underwood of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.
"We have a much higher degree of certainty that if we do nothing and we allow these turtles to emerge and go into the Gulf and into the oil ... that we could in fact lose most of them, if not all of them," he added. "There's a chance of losing a whole generation."
Dozens of workers are fanned out across the coast marking turtle nests, most of them threatened loggerheads, which nest largely along Florida Panhandle and Alabama beaches.
In about 10 days, they will begin the arduous process of excavating the nests, mostly by hand. The digging must be slow and delicate — aside from making sure the shells don't crack, the eggs can't be rolled around or repositioned to protect the embryo inside.

Then the eggs will be carefully placed in specially designed Styrofoam containers, like coolers, along with sand and moisture to mimic the natural nest. The containers will then be trucked about 500 miles east to a temperature-controlled warehouse at Florida's Kennedy Space Center.
There, the eggs will remain until hatchlings emerge, and they will be placed one-by-one on Florida's east coast, where the turtles can swim oil-free into the Atlantic Ocean.
Loggerhead turtles typically lay about 125 eggs per nest, which incubate for roughly 60 days before hatching. The government has no way of knowing exactly how many of the species live in the Gulf, but instead use nest numbers to determine population health.
Fish and Wildlife has proposed increasing loggerhead protections under federal law from a threatened species to an endangered species, largely because nest numbers have been steadily declining over the years.
Even without an oil spill, the vast majority of hatchlings don't make it to maturity, Underwood said.
"I think that's the reason why this particular species lays so many eggs," he said. "It is not a rosy picture to begin with."
These turtles will soon start hatching and continue emerging over the next several months.
"There's a whole lot of unknowns in what we're doing," Underwood acknowledged, noting many of the hatchlings could die anyway because of the stressful moving process.

All of the sea turtles that venture into Gulf waters have already suffered because of commercial fishing and habitat loss. Endangered Kemp's ridleys, which are nesting on beaches in Mexico and Texas, have washed up by the dozens dead along Gulf beaches since the April 20 Deepwater Horizon rig explosion that has gushed up to 130 million gallons of oil into the sea.
Some of the dead turtles were oiled, while others showed no outward signs of crude and are being tested to determine what killed them. The Kemp's ridleys aren't in as immediate of danger because oil hasn't been washing ashore yet in their nesting places in the western Gulf. But some fear those hatchlings also could eventually make it into the crude.
Loggerheads also have been found oiled and dead since the spill started, along with leatherbacks and green turtles, also protected under the Endangered Species Act.
David Godfrey, executive director of the Gainesville, Fla.-based Sea Turtle Conservancy, agrees this plan is the only option to save as many turtles as possible.
He said if left alone, the turtles will soon begin emerging from their nests and heading straight out to sea to feed in masses of oil-soaked seaweed.
Even more unusual, in a field that typically sees division between government entities and conservationists, there is agreement on what to do. Teri Shore, program director with the California-based Sea Turtle Restoration Project, said she thought the plan was good given the circumstances.

"If those sea turtles swim out to the Gulf, they're going to face a massive oil slick which will cause them to perish or at least significantly decrease their chances of survival," she said.
Godfrey said he agreed with the strategy and called it a "pretty amazing plan" because conservationists rarely support relocating sea turtle nests. They often push for a change in human behaviors, such as dimming lights along beaches at night to avoid disorienting them.

But no one can control the oil, he noted.
"We're talking about allowing the entire year's class of hatchlings to emerge and swim to their certain doom, and are we just going to sit back and let that happen?" he said. "We just can't."
 Doing my happy dance.... I had a lovely bike ride this evening... cool and a bit breezy but it was nice to get out and about.  The train which comes through town (well one of thousands of them) was going  very slow and we actually thought it had stopped.  We had to cross the line two times on our journey and suddenly it started to move .. creeping along the tracks so he obviously was trying to use up some of the time probably because he must have been ahead of schedule.  Anyway I thought why don't I race the train so I did.   My legs were going  so fast and the train was level with me up until I got to the bridge and had to slow down.  The man was waving to me and I always wave to the drivers too.  That is my first "train race" ....  They are so long ... one day I counted 143 containers from all over the USA and Canada. They have names of cities on them and other interesting information.  I'll take my camera next time and get a photo of one to share here on my blog.    I love trains................  *(s)  I think I should have been a boy.
Tiger Wood's wife is divorcing him to the tune of 750 million dollars.... Yikes!!!...  just shows you how much he must have to begin with. Good on her... unlike Sandra Bullock who it seems has taken back and forgave her cheating husband.  He's also a monster for holding dog fighting rings.  Who would want to ever be married to a guy like that ... who also was married to a porn actress before he married Sandra.  YUCK...
And cancer ridden Elizabeth Edwards (married to former Presidental candidate John Edwards .. also a cheating husband ...) has finally "separated" from this monster.  Al Gore ... ex Vice President ... is embroiled in a sex scandal too.  Can't these guys keep there zippers closed.  

Then there is Obama again on the telly this morning... every single day he's there making a speech about something. Why doesn't he stop talking and take some action. I don't think I'm the only one sick and tired of seeing his face on a daily basis.......  all he seems to do is talk.  Oh dear ...   And poor Arizona.  I think they are being treated so badly in the illegal immigration hassle.  With 12 million illegals in the USA at least they are trying to do something about it.  And now the federal government is taking them to court.... for heavens sake they are part of their own country.  It's ridiculous... and so unfair.   And another recession they say is on the way...  so much for all that stimulus money poured into the economy.    Canada Day today.... and I'm off on my  bike ride before the sun gets too hot.... It's 110 degrees today in Arizona...  I'm glad I'm not in Arizona.  *(s).  It's a lovely place but oh so hot.